Evolving Leader Virtual Program

HR.Com recognized the Evolving Leader Virtual Program as a Top 3 leadership development program at the 2014 Leadership 500 Excellence Awards. This year’s award recipients were selected based on both an application and nomination process as well as voting. The voting was completed by users of the leadership program and was promoted by the nominees as well as through social media campaigns.

The Evolving Leader Virtual Program (ELVP) focuses on developing leaders of choice. The ELVP program gets leaders curious about the impact of their habits and honest about their performance while at the same time teaches simple behavioral shifts that create fast and sustainable results.  

In their 15-week comprehensive live virtual program they offer, Front-Line to Director level Leaders participate in a unique combination of self-assessments, manager assessments, live webinars, book summaries, case studies, weekly check in’s, group feedback, hot seat coaching, manager support and an optional Acceleration Coaching Package with ELVP coaches. They keep their class size limited to 20 participants to keep it a rich and intimate learning experience.

The ELVP is an experiential program based on a proven leadership commitment model that is customized to address the issues and obstacles Leaders face on a daily basis. The ELVP focuses on development in Stage 1: Awareness and Assessment of the Leadership Commitment Model.

Leaders attend weekly 90-minute webinars and engage in application projects. Each webinar provides an opportunity for feedback and coaching for participants and direct access to the facilitator’s for questions and support. The manager of each participant is an important component that makes this unique program a success. The manager is provided weekly coaching guides and meets regularly with their leader to support and guide them throughout the program.

As a result of participating in this comprehensive program, leader’s also create a Team Results Plan that ensures the team is aligned and clear on roles, responsibilities and direction. They also develop a Leadership Communication Plan that keeps the team informed, proactive and engaged. Also included is to develop a personal leadership approach that encourages accountability and creates influence with people critical to their success. Participants learn to manage change and transition to foster excitement and productivity despite daily uncertainties and unexpected shake-ups. By the end of the program participants establish a strong coaching relationship with their facilitator, manager and other participants.

Fraser, the Director level Leader, stated this of his ELVP development experience: “Having a forum to discuss and provide the tools to deal with issues I was encountering in my job was a relief and employing them into my team has resolved many of my daily stressors. Anyone from the front line employee to the executive level would benefit from this program.”