Program Details

How Is The Program Structured?

A 15-week comprehensive virtual program

Your Leaders will participate in a unique combination of self-assessments, manager assessments, live webinars, book summaries, case studies, weekly check in’s, group feedback, mentoring, manager coaching and an optional Acceleration Coaching Package with ELVP coaches. The class size is limited to 20 participants to keep it a rich and intimate learning experience.

Key Component:

The Manager of each participant is an important component that makes this unique program a success.The Manager is provided weekly coaching guides and is expected to meet with their employee regularly to support and guide them through the program. An introductory call and individual customized Development Plan is built into the program and is required of all participants and their managers.

Accelerate Results With One on One Coaching

What Should You Expect?

An experiential program based on a proven leadership commitment model that is customized to address the issues and obstacles Leaders face on a daily basis.

Participant’s attend weekly 90-minute webinars and engage in application projects. Each webinar provides an opportunity for feedback and coaching for participants and direct access to the facilitator’s for questions and support. The ELVP is focused on development in Stage 1: Awareness and Assessment of Wendy and Tara’s Leadership Commitment Model. This model is designed for every level of leader in your organization and considers both their sphere of influence and strategic focus. CLICK HERE to view our detailed model.


What Are The Modules?

    • Module 1:

      Understand Personal Motivators and Adapt Communication

    • Module 2:

      Foster Accountability, Engagement and Choice

    • Module 3:

      Optimize Team Performance and Commitment

    • Module 4:

      Build a Culture of Reward and Recognition

    • Module 5:

      Leverage Differences and Conflict

    • Module 6:

      Graduate with Team Results and Communication Plan