Evolving Leader Virtual Program


The World Demands Stronger Leaders

Today’s organizational culture requires rapid response to change and a high level of emotional intelligence.  Your Leaders must manage and coach effectively, think strategically, motivate others, anticipate and lead change, encourage innovation and build high levels of trust.  Which is why we built the Evolving Leader Virtual Program (ELVP).


Who Is This Program For?

Leaders who want more. Addressing the needs of front-line Supervisors to Director levels.

  • Leaders who desire to assess and rethink their leadership habits in order to achieve extraordinary results
  • Individuals in (or striving towards) their first leadership role
  • Individuals promoted because of technical expertise who seek the fundamental skills to manage people effectively

What Are The Outcomes?

As a result of participating in this comprehensive program, EL’s will:

  • Create a Team Results Plan that ensures the team is aligned and clear on roles, responsibilities and direction
  • Develop a Leadership Communication Plan that keeps the team informed, proactive and engaged
  • Develop a personal leadership approach that encourages accountability and creates influence with people critical to their success
  • Manage change and transition to foster excitement and productivity despite daily uncertainties and unexpected shake ups
  • Establish a strong coaching relationship with their facilitator, manager and other participants

What’s Next?

Set up your free preview call with Wendy and Tara

Simply click here to schedule your free preview call. You can also contact us at info@evolvingleaderprogram.com. We will set up a time to discuss your current situation, the most pressing challenges your leaders are facing and the results you’d like them to achieve. From there we can determine if the Evolving Leader Virtual Program is the right fit for your Leaders.